Self-Sensing Add-On for Keysight 5x00 AFM

Our self-sensing add-on kit enables you to work with self-sensing cantilevers on a Keysight 5x00 AFM series. This combines the benefits of a conventional bio AFM with the advantages of a laser-free deflection detection using SCL´s self-sensing cantilevers. The add-on can be used without changes to the original AFM hardware for imaging in intermittent contact mode. Initiates file download...find more details in the add-on leaflet



  • With this add-on you can do imaging in air and liquid without laser adjustment.
  • imaging in non-transparent liquids
  • imaging of light-sensitive specimens
  • read our Keysight/SCL application note Opens external link in new windowPDF

AFM images recorded by using the new Keysight add-on. left: Platelets in dry state, middle: physiological buffer and right: calibration grating in milk.





Here you can download a leaflet of the our Keysight add-on for 5x00 AFMs and a leaflet of recommended self-sensing cantilevers.


Initiates file download add-on leaflet for Keysight AFM (pdf)

Initiates file download recommended PRSA-L300 cantilever leaflet (pdf)

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