Self-Sensing Starter-Kit

General description:


Self-sensing cantilevers are essential for every application where no laser for cantilever deflection is available. Examples for such applications are:


Pre-amplifier overview Image

A low-noise pre-amplifier is part of the self-sensing starter kit


Our self-sensing cantilever starter kit brings you all necessary items to start immediately working with self-sensing cantilevers. A starter kit contains the following items:


  • a low-noise cantilever signal pre-amplifier (image below, detail #2)
  • 2 cables to connect the pre-amplifier to the cantilever and a post-processing device (lock-in amplifier, AFM controller, etc.) (details 1+3)
  • 2x 10 pcs. of self-sensing cantilevers (no. 4)


Self-Sensing Starter Kit scope of delivery Image

 Self-Sensing Starter Kit scope of delivery

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