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Imaging with a SCD Tip Cantilever

SCD tip cantilevers  are a special type of SCL’s self-sensing cantilevers with a hard, long-life and sharp single crystal diamond tip (SCD).
In this video you can not only see how they are used for correlative measuring of graphene membranes, but also the approaching process.

ACR cooperation award 2015

The ACR cooperation award aims to highlight outstanding work of a SMEs in cooperation with ACR institues.
The SCL-Sensor.Tech worked together with the FELMI-ZFE, the austrian centre for electron microscopy and nanoanalysis, to fruther improve their cantilever measuring probe.


Econovius award SCL Sensor.Tech

SCL's video for the 2015 Econovius award by the Austrian Chamber of Economy. Gives a short overview over the working principle of the self-sensing cantilevers.


Mercur award 2014- 1st place IC technology

SCL-Sensor.TEch was nominated and won the 2014 Mercur-Award for its developments and products in the field of information and communications technology.

From Science to Product- SuperQ (

Video report by vienesse website about local research and development in the field of nano technology. Furthermore it deals with how results of scientific research evolve to a product.

Atomic force microscopy JKU Linz

Atomic force microscopy at the institute of biophysics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Short introduction to the functionality of atomic force microscopy.